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About Us

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Our Story

Lumeng Factory Group is a manufacturer which specializes in indoor & outdoor furniture, especially chairs and tables in our Bazhou City lumeng factory, also can produce Woven Handicrafts and Wood Home Decoration in Cao County Lumeng. Lumeng Factory has insisted on original design, independent development and production since its establishment.
Lumeng’s achievements are not only based on exquisite product design, but also depending on using high quality environmentally raw materials, strict quality control and efficient customer service spirit. As the supplier of the international community, we always pay attention to the environmental awareness of end customers, pleasant shopping experience, reliable quality assurance, continuously improve the service mode and method, lead the young and luxurious shopping method.
We strive to meet all customer requirements ensuring competitive pricing, on trend and current design and adhering to all quality and safety requirements across various categories.

Our Pattern

1. Designer drawing the ideas and making 3Dmax photos.
2. Receive the feedback from our customers.
3. New models enter R&D and mass the production.
4. Real samples showing with our customers.

Our Advantages

1. Real factory which located in advantageous industry belt in China.
2. Low MOQ –no more than 100 pcs.
3. One factory only do original design in competitive price.
4. Mail packing for e-commerce.
5. Patent exclusive protected.

Our Concept


Decreased the risk of stock and help you test your market.


More KD structure furniture and mail packing.

Unique Furniture Design

Attracted your customers.

Recyle And Eco-Friendly

Using recyle and eco-friendly material and packing.


Our Team

Lumeng is an energetic young team. The brand-new visage team represents the infinite possibility in the future by meeting the challenges and surmounting the difficulties. We unceasingly absorb the past experience to create new designs.
Lumeng expresses the art of simple, elegant and creative furniture design. The team aims to create youthful and cost-effective household products, and bring the unique feeling to every customer.
If you have any questions about the product or transportation, I believe they can give you a good reply. Every spring and autumn, we will show our new inspiration in Canton Fair. At that time, all our team is looking forward to your visit at our booth, and also our factory.